Our Lamb

What is ‘Natural Lamb’?
We coined the phrase ‘Natural Lamb’ because, although we follow organic standards, we are not certified organic. As ‘natural lamb’ farmers, we are on the environmental forefront of farming. We participate in environmental initiatives on-farm to improve air and water quality, soil health and animal health. We are advocates on issues such as nutrient management, food safety, animal welfare, and sustainable farming.
Our lambs are grass fed. We advocate as natural a diet as possible (allowing for weather), which eliminates the need for synthetic hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and questionable feed additives. Our lambs are not confined to feed lots, which curtails their movements and their natural instinct to seek out fresh food. Feedlot animals are often kept on medication for most of the duration of their confinement to maintain their health, and only a minimum wash-out period as prescribed under guidelines is given.

Our Whole Organic Lamb (custom cut & wrap) is available in late summer at $14.00 per pound